Apps for FACS - July 2014!

I just completed one of my “Apps for FACS” presentations at the Illinois Family and Consumer Sciences Teachers Conference in O’Fallon Illinois. It was a great show. On Monday I exhibited some of the newest Learning ZoneExpress materials - always my favorite to show what is new and must-have in the classroom - see more:

On Tuesday morning I did my breakout session. Some of the popular apps discussed in this presentation:

Actually an iPhone app - this FREE app allows users to scan bar codes on food and the app provides the food a grade just like one would receive in school. Unhealthy foods get low grades like D’s and healthy foods get A’s. It also provides reasoning behind the grades given and uses nutrition facts labels!

Egg Timer:
Free app loaded with all things Eggs - recipes, timers, nutrition information, tips for storage and safety and short easy to follow videos!

Free app to help you add reading to your curriculum and life. Easy and fun to navigate- provides up to the minute online articles based on your interests (such as nutrition, parenting, design, etc.)

CDC Solve the Outbreak:
Free educational game app - users must follow clues given to solve mysteries about large real cases of food born illnesses. 

Pampers Hello Baby:
Free app the displays the look and development of a baby inside the womb!

Apps are a great way for FACS teachers (and all educators for that matter) to add a technology aspect to our already hands-on classrooms that is appealing and interesting for our tech-savvy learners! Below is a graphic I created about the importance of Apps in relation to Blooms based on my first book "50 Apps for Life Skills":


  1. Thank you for presenting and attending our conference! Your session was very informative, and I was able to implement some apps just one month later! We hope you will considering presenting for us at our conference next July. It will be in Lisle, Illinois (near Naperville). We hope to see you there! Thank you for all your time and efforts to continue to improve FCS!

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  3. Hi Ashley,

    Would it be possible to get a list of the app names that go along with your graphic?

    Thanks for considering!


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